Kerry McGuire is a writer/performer who currently lives in Los Angeles and was formerly based in New York. At least that’s what’s generally believed. Others say she’s a myth, or possibly a ghost. We will, perhaps, never know the truth.

There is some evidence that suggests that she grew up in Northern California, then migrated northward to Oregon and briefly to Washington State, where, as the myth has it, she studied theatre and performed in such illustrious parts as “Screaming Girl,” “Girl Who Wants to Get Married,” “Formerly-Girl-Currently-Dead-Grandma,” “Evil White Grown-Up-Girl” and “Dromio of Syracuse,” among others. Who knows, though? It could have just been a passing wind, or a hallucination caused by a gas leak.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that after that she moved eastward, to New York City, where she enrolled in New York University at the Experimental Theatre Wing. This is hard to believe, though, because tuition at NYU is thousands of dollars per year and degrees in experimental theatre are considered useless at best and downright harmful at worst. This story, however, doesn’t seem to die, so if she is real there is a strong chance that she spent several years learning how to roll around the floor and feel sound within her body.

People whisper that her experimental theatre training, she haunted Manhattan and Brooklyn for several years, writing, performing, producing and directing theatre productions. There’s even a rumor that she helped develop, and assistant directed and made the props for the original production of “Pinkalicious, the Musical,” an original musical based on the NY Times best selling children’s book. Frankly, though, that sounds ridiculous.

None of that matters, anyway. It wasn’t until she started doing comedy that she started to achieve the status of urban legend that we now consider her.

Stories circle endlessly that she took an improvisation class at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center, which led to a few more improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center, which led to a few sketch classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center, which let to her writing for multiple Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Maude Teams, which are house sketch groups, and then for several digital sketch teams. This may, however, have been a PCP-induced hallucination.

Around the camp fire, people whisper to each other that they saw her on such Maude Teams as Thunder Gulch, Charlemagne, Hunk/Chunk and (212). On these teams she’s said to have worked with people such as Neil Casey (Ghostbusters), Shannon O’Neil (UCBT Artistic Director, Broad City), Kassia Miller (NBC), Alison Rich (SNL), Andrew Law (Seth Meyers), Josh Ruben (College Humor), Natasha Rothwell (SNL), Josh Patten (SNL), Achilles Stamatelaky (Broad City), and Jim Santangeli (everywhere), among others.

In addition, people say that she wrote, directed, and performed in several sketch shows on her own. She co-wrote and co-starred in “Kiwi and Jojo are Unemployed,” and co-wrote and directed “Boob Tube,” both original sketch shows that were performed at the UCB Theatre. She also directed “An Evening with Kirk Douglas” (Kirk Douglas was not involved) in the New York Fringe Festival.

Sightings of her in New York City dropped off precipitously in 2015.

Indeed, one could have thought that the Kerry McGuire phenomena was over, but around the same time people in and around Los Angeles began seeing her in and around the UCB Theatre on Sunset, and in and around the other Los Angeles comedy theatres.

Assuming she does exist, and this isn’t some sort of long-term mass hysteria, it’s likely that after she arrived in Los Angeles she wrote for a show called “Beverly Hills Live at 9021-GO” for FilmOn.TV, and began teaching sketch comedy at the Los Angeles UCB Training Center. After that, she wrote for “Fatal Decision,” a web series produced by Big Breakfast (College Humor), and for the CBS Diversity Showcase.

If rumors are true, her writing continues to pop up on various sites around the internet, such as Who knows, though? It could all be some sort of a hoax.

With all this evidence, it is still entirely possible that she does not exist at all, and this is nothing but a story that was passed from person to person for so long that people started to believe it. It is also possible, however, that she still resides in the Los Angeles area, where she continues to write and perform comedy.